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 Disasater recovery and
business continuity planning includes prevention measures,
developing strategies to bring back your most critical
business processes, and response training for your employees so that  you may return to business as usual
after a catastrophe.


Disaster Resilience, LLC

What would you do if....

  • Your business facility were severely damaged by a fire, hurricane or tornado?
  • Access to your facility was denied for weeks as the result of a nearby hazardous material spill?
  • A catastrophic computer or communication failure beyond the capabilities of you own technology staff brought your company��s productivity to a standstill?

Dreamcatcher Disaster Resilience, LLC can prepare your company personnel and systems
for all these situations. We provide the highest quality, vendor independent, business continuity, contingency planning and information security services to protect your business and systems from the nightmare of disasters.

Every year fires, computer system failures, employee accidents, floods, network interruptions, sabotage and other incidents expose businesses to disastrous outages.

According to a Gartner Group study, for every five businesses hit by disasters, two never reopen their doors. Of the three that remain, one will close within two years.

You cannot afford to be caught without a workable response and recovery plan.

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